Testimonials Deelnemers

I recommend this workshop to everyone. You get encouraged to follow your dreams. There’s nothing better than that!
— Eva, Bachelor of Teaching
This workshop gave me new insights into what’s possible after you graduate. It has shown me that this is precisely the time to take action and actually seek out that, which makes me happy and brings me joy. A nice evening due to the valuable workshop with inspiring
and like-minded young people.
— Vanessa, MBA VU Amsterdam
I gained a lot of energy from the workshop as well as a lot of new ideas. I got to learn about lots of interesting and inspiring projects. Thanks again for the positive energy.
— Milou, Masters Behavioural Change, Radbout Nijmegen
Good to hear that others worry about the same things. Nice to exchange experiences and to reflect on a lot of new possibilities. The most convincing thing: you are living proof that you simply have to have guts to go and do it. It was fun, there was a good interaction and there was a clear story told.
— Paulien, Master Public Administration EUR
I gained an inspiring and refreshing look to start taking action –
“Just do it!” The workshop makes you aware of your own qualities. Plus you share/receive insights from your peers.
— Mauritio, Masters Behavioural Change, Radbout Nijmegen
Nice to talk about these subjects (there’s nothing like this offered by my department). I gained new insights and I feel good after having taken part in this workshop.
— Lotte, 4th year International Lifestyle Studies
I found it very inspirational to think about my future and I gained new tools. There were concrete examples and creative ideas shared.
— Nadine, Masters Behavioural Change, Radbout Nijmegen