Beeld: Northern Island

Beeld: Northern Island


Workshop/lezing partners:
Bedrijven, non-profits, netwerkverenigingen, hogescholen & universiteiten. 

Camp Bluff werkt met deze thema's:


  • Persoonlijke ontwikkeling

  • Zelfvertrouwen boosten

  • Creativiteit bevorderen

Werk/ Carrière

  • Personal Branding

  • Netwerken strategieën

  • Baanzoektocht/Baan creatie strategieën/hacks

Tot nu toe heb ik samengewerkt met de volgende mooie organisaties naast een aantal hele leuke privé personen te hebben geholpen als coach/brainstorm partner. 


Feedback at Students Talk: Ten stars

Hey Anne Thank you for a GREAT talk Friday at Student Talk! Your story was very inspiring. I liked you were so honest and told us that awkward situations also happens to you sometimes. I believe networking is so important today and I have high desire to network much more than I do today. I think your talk was easy to comprehend, or for me at least. I’ll think about your story when I, in the future, will networking much more. Already after the talks, I went upstairs for a while to have a drink and “networking” with other students. Something I wouldn’t have done before your talk so, thank you for inspiring me!
— Tenna - International Business Student (LinkedIn bericht)
Hi Anne! I really enjoyed your speech today at Student Talks. You really inspired me about the meaning of networking and how it can help shape your career path! So thank you for this courage you gave me :)
— Anya, Business Student Amsterdam (LinkedIn Bericht)

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