Tea Cup 2 with Duy


DUY VU DINH (31) | Photographer, Amsterdam

Our Connection: Ivo, a young man who I had the pleasure of interviewing for Camp Bluff a number of months ago regarding his educational journey, tagged three names in a comment under my #30dayjobhunt post on Facebook. 24hours later I was drinking tea in Amsterdam West with Duy Vu Dinh at the Coffee Room. Duy, an enthusiastic thirty-one year old photographer from Amsterdam spoke about his strong photographic vision and his inspiring way of doing business.

“I really want to make beautiful things, to make people happy, and this can take on many forms…photos, videos or a nicely cooked dinner for thirty people during a one-off catering gig.”

Duy, after you finished your higher education, how did you go about finding work? I actually had part-time work that I could carry on with. But when I decided that I wanted to be a full-time photographer and quit my job in April of this year, I had a period of great uncertainty. I wasn’t sure if I could pay the rent, waiting on eight or nine quotes for shoots with no one having confirmed. But, luckily it all worked out in the end, of all those quotes were approved.

I get most of my jobs through my own network, I have made sure that everyone knows what I do and this really pays off. I have friends that promote my work, of course I am someone that does a lot for other people as well; it works both ways.

Do you have any ambitions within the photographic field? Having a photographic exposition and selling my artistic photos is definitely something that I would love to achieve. But in saying that, perhaps in a few years time I won’t be photographing as much, I really want to do it as long as I enjoy it.

Can you tell me about a “bluff moment” you’ve had; a time that you jumped into the deep end, and took a leap of faith? I wouldn’t call it bluffing but I was able to shoot my first weddings, because the couples believed in the vision I had for the photos. Even though I had very little in my portfolio, they wanted to work with me because I had very clear ideas about what I wanted achieve, creating images that were personal, spontaneous and fun. I wanted to be seen as one of the guests, to drink beers with the newly-weds and to create unforgettable moments with them.

Could you write an important career-related lesson you’ve learnt on a napkin?


Photo 1: Anne Hospers | Photo 2: Duy. 

All photos edited by Duy.  

Series: 30 Cups of Tea – The Job Hunt Project 

I want to see if I can get a bill paying, degree related (B. Media, Information and Communication) job in the Rotterdam area, The Netherlands within the following 30 days. Just in time, before I’m no longer officially a student and the government cuts financial ties. I will drink tea with 30 different Marketing/Communications professionals to bring me one step closer to a paid contract. Each professional will bring me in contact with someone outside of my own network. Let the challenge begin!

Anne Hospers