Tea Cup 1 with Roza


Our Connection: I met Roza at a fun networking event in Rotterdam named Tosti Treffer, last year. On the 1st of September, she commented on my #30dayjobhunt Facebook announcement that she was willing to be a part of it. So here goes, our chat at the Aloha Bar

Hi Roza, What are your entrepreneurial ambitions? I want to have a physical space that I can fill with the things I am most passionate about. It will be a place where people can eat, drink, shop, view art, watch the occasional film and perhaps follow a workshop or two. The space will be flexible, so that the focus can change at different points in time.

When do you see yourself doing this? During my studies I will get started on making this happen, together with two friends and after I’ve graduated I want to delve further into it. Currently, I am trying many different things, discovering what I like doing best and which things I would like to delegate in the future.

Can you tell me about a “bluff moment” you’ve had; a time that you jumped into the deep end, and took a leap of faith? Just recently I rang this really cool hostel in Rotterdam called Ani & Haakien, to see if I could work for them. Two hours later I was there, chatting to the young owners. They told me they didn’t have any vacancies but after a nice meeting we did find a way to work together. It’s trial and error but I am enjoying my new position, helping with the programming, something that I’ve never done before! I will be working on exhibitions, events, and tours through the city for the hostel guests.

What’s a big lesson you’ve learnt the past year? There’s two things…One, that even though someone might have years of experience, shit can still go wrong. Experience doesn’t equal perfection. Two… You don’t have to do everything alone, you can do things together and, big ambitions need to be split into small steps, so you can actually make some progress. Like, what can I do in the next two weeks on this 3-year project?

Can you write an assignment on a napkin? What can readers can do to benefit their future dream careers?


By Anne

Series: 30 Cups of Tea – The Job Hunt Project 

I want to see if I can get a bill paying, degree related (B. Media, Information and Communication) job in the Rotterdam area, The Netherlands within the following 30 days. Just in time, before I’m no longer officially a student and the government cuts financial ties. I will drink tea with 30 different Marketing/Communications professionals to bring me one step closer to a paid contract. Each professional will bring me in contact with someone outside of my own network. Let the challenge begin!